Educational and scientific program of "Public management and administration"

training of higher education applicants second (master's level)

Full name of qualification:  Master of Public Administration
Field of knowledge:  28 - Public management and administration
Specialty:  281 - Public Management and Administration
The level of higher education: Magister
Type of diploma:  unitary
Training period:  1 year 10 months full-time training, 120.00 ECTS credits.
Educational institution:  National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy"
The sending organization:  The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ukraine
Accreditation period:  2020 р.
- for qualifier European higher education
- on a national qualification framework:
- by the Law of Ukraine "On education":

second cycle qualification (120 credits)
8 level, the second level of higher education.
second (master's) level of higher education.


Program Manager:

Tertychka Valery Vladimirovich, head of public governance, PhD in Public Administration, Professor.

Full description (PDF)