Certificate Program "Digital Governance"

Master's Certificate Program

Course Type
Autumn semester (September 1 — December 31)
Required Courses: Digital democracy and E-governance (2 credits)
Digital economy and governance (2 credits)
Big data analysis (2 credits)
Digital service state: Standards institutions relations with individuals (2 credits)
Selective courses: IT law and governance (2 credits)
Digital Project Management (2 credits)
Cyber security and access to information in democratic governance (2 credits)
Information hybrid wars and network governance (2 credits)
Digital modeling for governance (2 credits)
Technology and tools for digital communication (2 credits)
Digital city (3 credits)
Mobile Governance Apps (1 credit)

You must have successfully completed 4 required courses (8 credits) and a minimum of 4 selective courses (8 credits) in order to receive the certificate.
The total amount of the program is 24 credits.