Robert Kravchuk, Professor, Ph.D. (Political Science)

School of Public & Environmental Affairs Indiana University

Robert Kravchuk is an American scholar known in the field of public administration and public finance, as well as for his expertise on Ukraine. He is a former director of the master's program in public administration at Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Robert Kravchuk has served as a member of numerous U.S. Treasury Department expert missions to former Soviet and Eastern European countries. His administrative posts have included: service as U.S. Treasury Resident Budget Advisor to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine; appointment by the U.S. Secretaries of State and the Treasury as Financial Advisor to the President of Bosnia-Herzegovina; and Under Secretary (deputy state budget director) in the Connecticut State Office of Policy & Management. In 2014, was elected a Fellow in the U.S. National Academy of Public Administration.

Areas of Interest: Public Finance, Macro-budgeting, Public Debt Markets, U.S. Defense Department Procurement Management, Political Economy of Reform in Formerly Socialist Countries.

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